Sunday, November 28, 2010

Short break in transmission...

Hi All,

I am sorry for the infrequent posts of late. Between kids, functions, activities and life in general, posting time has been scarce. I also have had a couple of small health issues, but all is on the way up.

I have posts ready to go that just need the text to go with it, so hopefully you'll not have to wait too long.

Lynda xx


Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

No need for apologies! We all know that life sometimes gets in the way of all good intentions! Here's a hug ... to keep you going ... (((((((((Lynda)))))))))))). And ... I hope that you are soon back on top once again! Hugs xxaxx

Cheryl said...

OMG Lynda,I hope you recover quickly and get to enjoy Christmas.I do understand infrequent posting,I have been the same the last couple of weeks.But the family come first and I know there will be a post eventually.Take care.
Cheryl xx

Debbie Pamment said...

Sorry to hear about your health issues - but glad you're on the way up! I too have been guilty of a break in transmission - but for me it has been blog visits! Hopefullyt we'll both be back on track soon.

Helen Williams said...

Hi Lynda,
We all at time have to get the right balance in life and sometimes it means we can't get everything done that we would like too.
We all understand and eagerly await your next post.
We seem to be missing each other in chatrooms of late, I have missed chatting.
Big Hugs from across the ditch.
Love Helen

Lee-Anne said...

Hi Lynda

Sorry to hear life has been so busy and that you've had some health issues. You never need to apologise for not posting, we all know life gets in the way. It happens to me all too often. I really hope that things calm down for you soon and I hope the health issues are nothing too serious. Will be thinking of you and hoping the month ahead is not too hectic for you.
Love and hugs