Thursday, December 30, 2010

Feelin' the LURVE!!

Afternoon all!! I hope that all the party prepeparations are in check for tomorrow am a nanna....and will prob JUST make it to midnight....and then collapse fm a very long day at work!!!

Saturday is a very special this blog is turning 1!!! (inset blasting sounds of vuvuzellas and the cheers of the gathering throng!!)

2 very special people who "encouraged" (prompted/cajoled/coersed/etc/etc) me into getting this beast up and running were Andrea....EnchantINK and Kerry.....KB Papercraft. to my surprise and astonishment, both of them have bestowed upon my this.......

Now apart from these 2 ladies being wonderful friends...they are both incredibly generous in heart, soul and creative spirit. now as with most awards, this comes with conditions and the like....these are....

# thank and link the person(s) who gave it to me (done)
# share 8 things about myself (brace yourself folks)
# pass it on to 8 others (see bottom of this post)
# let them know about the award (check)

8 things about me...that you may not already know....

1. I am (and always have been) a GEEK. I am into Science in a big way. is Master of Cool (aka Master 10)
2. BC (before children) I played Indoor Cricket on a team with my Hubby. We batted together and rarely got out (apparently all the threats worked...LOL!!)
3. I suck BIG time at Geography....if you wanna stump my at Trivial Pursuit....gimme the blue Q!
4. I have been on TV 3 times of note in my life.....once on Romper Room (with Miss Patricia as a 4yo), as a Contestant on Temptation (the old Sale of the Century) and most recently as a contestant on National Bingo Night (which sadly (thankfully) did not have a long run...but I did win a nice sum of cash!!)
5. As a child....I had heart surgery at the age of 7.....for a Congenital problem, and as a result of that developed Asthma.
6. I LOVE trivia...I have a major vault of useless crap stashed away to call upon at any given time.....and (sometimes knowingly) freak people out!!
7. "ditto 6" for song lyrics. MAJOR peeve of my DH that I can sing along to most anything!!!
8. Speaking of DH....I am apparently a walking be used at his beck and call to spell words for him that he cannot be bothered to look up for hmself or sound we encourage our KIDS TO DO!!!!

Now Andrea also "tagged me"....and this involves making a list....of which I think will also give you a slightly BIGGER insight into my twistered world!! I have based this list on the one from Andrea's blog.

4 things that I watch
Bones, Castle, Home and Away, How I Met your Mother (love the humour in this show!!)

4 thing I am passionate about
Laughter, Creativity, Education, Friendships

4 things I have learnt from the past
# If you think something is not right....SPEAK UP
# Having chats to a loved one who has passed is not's actually therapy.
# Acknowledge the way you are brought up, but it is not the only way to be.
# Lessons learnt from past experience teach you future resolve!!

4 things I am looking forward to
# My dad's 70th b'day next week.
# Finding/creating a creative space for me in my home....I currently work in a space of 2 seats on my diding table and pack away every night!!
# Seeing what the Sensor chip (that I am wearing in lat Jan) tells me about my diabetes
# The eternal desire to sleep in!!

4 things I did yesterday
# Watched the Cricket
# Had (another) hypo
# Did 2 loads of washing
# Made 4 cards (2 of each essentially only 2...hee hee hee)

4 things I love abt Winter/Summer
I am not a cold person, but don't do well in extreme heat either!!
I have only been skiing once...and I hated it!!! (but then again...I don't do the beach either)
I love the smell of grass after a storm in Summer
LURVE daylight saving

4 places I would love to visit
Greece (again) esp Santorini and spend longer in Delphi this time!!
Singapore...which is on the list for mid next year as i will be visiting my bestie there!!
Andrea's (on the to do list for this year!!)

Now I do believe that is nearly it....only gotta pass on the Stylish award to 8 people.....
Debbie P
Helen W

Thanks for enduring this post...and will be back soon with one 1st birthday FUN!!

Lynda xx

Friday, December 24, 2010

Chrissy Cards #5

I have done the same layout on a whole heap of cards that were based around a layout done by Corene Brown aka Stampin Red here. It is the one in the bottom left corner as you are looking at it. Once I worked out the measurements I wanted, these cards went up in quick time. I also apologise for the slight (and somewhat recurrent) case of "crooked sentimentitis".

I then went a little monotoned and love the effect. Only the red micro bling broke the green...LOL (hence not being a true monotone I guess??)

I then went slightly non traditional with red, brown and a little smattering of blue and had this.

There are a couple of different variations on this theme, which I will not make you endure this time around. Perhaps next year, I may start posting a little earlier....hee hee hee.

If I may take this opportunity to say a MASSIVE thank you to all the devine souls who took the time to leave comments on my blog and to those who just "cruised by"....a MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all. Be safe, be happy and laugh a lot. May there be inspired creativity awaiting you under your tree.

Stuff used:
CS: (SU) Whisper White, Real Red, Handsome Hunter, Holiday Treasures DP, CM Green Gingham Paper
Ink: (SU) Real Red, Handsome Hunter, Chocolate Chip, Old Olive
Stamps: (SU) Contempo Christmas, Seasons of Joy
Punches: (SU) Ornament Punch XL
Other Bits: Dimensionals, KaiserCraft Clear Rhinestones, Red & Brown Micro Rhinestones (fm Hot Dollar Store), Olive Organza Ribbon.

Lynda xx

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vintage Class #2

These are the very FIRST cards I have tried in the Vintage style...and I am so very, VERY happy with the way they turned out. As usual, the pics do not do them justice, but trust me when I say they DO look like they have come out of Nanna's tea chest.

Once again I have used the DarkRoom Door "Noel" set that I used in the previous post. I have used Tim Holtz ink as well as an SU one and they worked BRILLIANTLY together. I liked the first card, but I thought the background was a little bare.

SU Chocolate Chip and TH Frayed Burlap Distress ink complimented beautifully. I am SOOOOOOOO in love with these images.

I also distressed the edges to add a more vintage feel.

And of course the magical "Noel"

For the 2nd card I stamped the background with the large ornament, that was stamped off a couple of times to lessen the intensity. Many "You Tube" clips were watched trying to get this technique right....and it is gunna take some time, but I am still happy.

The stamped off ornament..note to self don't press so hard next time...hee hee hee!!

And of course, the devine face of Santa in this STUNNING DP. I based the colours around the DP.

Thanks for enduring it to the end of this very long post, but I just wanted to share so much. Expect some more vintage stuff in the months to come.

Stuff used:
CS: (SU) Very Vanilla, Cherry Cobbler
DP: KaiserCraft 'Tis the Season Collection - St. Nick (P565)
Ink: (SU) Chocolate Chip, Tim Holtz Distress ink "Frayed Burlap"

Lynda xx

Monday, December 20, 2010

Vintage Class #1

Ever seen something that you feel an INSTANT connection to?? I find that I will see something....have an OMG moment....then take a deep breath, logic kicks goes on the wish list and then you ruminate and procrastinate over its impending purchase from there. (I sense a nod here and there.)

Whils flicking through a Australian Cardmaking, Stamping and Papercraft magazine a couple of months back, I saw a beautiful Christmas set by DarkRoom Door called "Noel". DarkRoom Door do the most beautiful Vintage-like stamps. They come in a sheet of rubber, you put them onto EZ Mount (or Similar) and then you are good to go. Here is a picture of the set. 11 stamps for under $30.

Darkroom Door - Rubber Stamps - Noel

Now I have also wanted to take a good hard crack at some vintage style cards. I have invested in a small range of Tim Holtz Distress Inks (which PS I am LOVING!!!!) I got some vanilla coloured candles fm the Reject Shop, busted out the TH inks and the stamp set and came up with these. To give you an idea of size, these candles are 10cm (4 inches) high.

On the backs of both the candles I used the gorgously scripted "Noel" stamp.

I loved these so very much I ended up doing a set for the Kid's teachers at school  as part of their Christmas presents. They went down a treat. I have also done the candles in another couple of the colours that I will share later. Stamping Candles is so much fun, so easy to do and make such a reasonably priced gift. (BTW...I know the candles are at different can't get everything right at the Reject Shop...hee hee hee). If you haev not stamped candles before, here is a link to give it a go. You are only really limited by your imagination.

Late addit...I forgot I took a couple of pics of the candles all bundled up ready to go to the teachers. I made a small box to house them in from Bravo Burgandy CS, bit of cellophane and maroon satin ribbon...and they look a treat.

Stuff used:
CS: (SU) Bravo Burgandy
Stamps: DarkRoom Door - Noel
Ink: Tim Holtz Distress Ink - Aged Mahogany
Other Bits: Madison and French Church Candles, Tissue Paper, Cellophane, 24mm "Boutique" Satin Polyester Ribbon (fm Big W)

Lynda xx

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My New Support Crew

Hi there.

Thought I'd squeeze in a small extra post amongst all the Chrissy fanfare and share with you my early ($8000) Christmas pressie. Thankfully we have Health Insurance which came in VERY handy. As I mentioned a little earlier, I was "hooked up" on Friday 17th and (touch wood) so far so good.

For those of you unfamiliar, here is what an Insulin Pump looks like....

And here is mine....

I did disconnect it form me to take the pic, hence the tubing. On the surface it is not that different to my old pump, but going through the educational session......this thing has more in it that I ever thought. The instruction manual makes War and Peace look like a Gossip Magazine...LOL!!

I have been advised to try and utilize some of the new features, which means breaking the habits of 5 1/2 years, but this will all evolve over the coming months.

I cannot thank all my beautiful blog friends out there for all their love and support during this time which has been a challenge to say the least. Thanks for allowing me to give you a peak into my "other than crafting" world.

Lynda xx

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chrissy Cards # 4

Now, for those who use SU regularly out there, please do not despise me for the next statement.....but I have NEVER used Kraft (or Crumb Cake as it is now called) EVER!!! I have seen so many pretty and divine things done with it, but never been inspired to do anything with it.

Continuing my run of non traditional Chrissy Cards, I decided to drag out the Kraft and see what I could come up with. I wanted to keep it relatively clean and avoid stuffing up!!! this is what I came up with......3 designs, based on the fun Festive Favourites. I purchased this set 2nd hand and the main large stamp and been separated into 3 smaller ones, so I just had to peel and stamp the trees, reindeer an snowmen as I needed. to bling them up just a bit, i added some sparkle with brads and rhinestones, but not symmetrically....just to keep things interesting.

I love the reindeer especially and have made more of this layout and also done it in landscape too. have blinged the 3rd and 4th reindeer's nose on these ones. 

I am especially wrapped with how the snowmen turned out. I was going to Kindyglitz the "snow", but love the clear rhinestones much it a more 3D feel.

The effect on the background of the card was done by randomly stamping the small motif stamp from this set in Versamark. it worked so very least I think so. 

So I have gotten over my first Kraft (Crumb Cake) hurdle...and believe me when I say I now have more to share with you in the weeks to come.

Thanks so much for dropping in.

Stuff used:
CS: (SU) Crumb Cake (Kraft), Real Red
Ink: (SU) Chocolate Chip, Real Red, Versamark
Stamps: (SU) Festive Favourites,  Kaszazz "Mini Messages - Christmas" (4109KK)
Other bits: Star Brads, Red Micro Mini Rhinestones and KaiserCraft 3mm Clear Rhinestones.

Lynda xx

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Birdies Galore

Now...I know that for some out there, the following may be an unfamilliar experience, but hopefully NOT for all. Sometime back I was in my local hangout Alice In Paperland and I saw this beautiful paper in amongst the Christina Re papers. I believe it is by Artee, but please don't quote me on it.

I immediately started comparing the colours to those I had in my stash (mainly SU colours) and the brain started clunking from there. I was also drawn to the bird motif. Having recently aquired the SU XL Brid Punch......the cogs were gaining momentum. This led to the only solution to the the paper and have some serious playtime!!!!

Here's what I came up with.....

Essentially all the cards have the same layout and embossing, I just changed the colours to bring out what was in the paper. They do not have sentiments yet, so I can quickly add them for any occasion needed.

This paper used Optix Musk and SU Soft Suede and Pink Pirouette.

Same paper and cplours.......different look!!!

I love this combo.....SU Old Olive, Basic Grey and Baja Breeze.

And finally, SU Soft Suede and Bashful Blue.

I flattened out my So Swirly Wheel (which since doing so am using SO much more) and clear embossed the pattern, which ties in nicely with the swirls on the paper.

I made 8-10 of these in all and I think are a great general kinda card.

Thanks for dropping by. Have a wonderfully craft day!!

Stuff used:
CS: (SU) Soft Suede, Old Olive, Basic Gray, Baja Breeze, Bashful Blue, Pink Pirouette, Optix Musk CS
Paper: Birds by Artee
Ink: Versamark, Clear EP
Stamps: SU So Swirly Jumbo Wheel
Punches: (SU) Two Step Bird Punch XL, EK Border Punch - Parisian
Other bits: Dimensionals, Kaisercraft Clear Rhinestones

Lynda xx

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chrissy Cards #3

A couple of quick Chrissy cards today. For me these are a little different because they are not quite traditional Christmas Colours. The first is a variation on another non traditional card I posted here. It was a little bright outside when I took these pics, but I have used Concord Crush, Pear Pizzaz and Very Vanilla.

The next card is a direct CASE from the most magically talented Kerry Bunting here. I was fortunate enough to share an awesome day with Kerry and her crew a month or so ago whilst we partook in "cards For the Troops". She gave me permission to CASE this card that I fell in love with....and yes I know I still have to add the eye.

Stuff Used:
CS: (SU) Concord Crush, Pear Pizzaz, Very Vanilla, Sahara Sand, Night Of Navy, Whisper White, Old Olive
Ink: (SU) Concord Crush, pear Pizzaz, Night of Navy, River rock (sponged on bird)
Stamps: (SU) Contempo Christmas, Season's Greetings (non SU)
Other bits: Dimensionals SU Bird Punch XL, Organza Ribbon, Gold Signo Gel Pen.

Lynda xx

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chrissy Cards #2

Hi all the beautiful blog friends out there, thank you all so much for your e mails and inquiries as to how I am going. The good news is that I am functioning at about 95% and the energy levels are getting better every day. I have also received word that I am going to get my BRAND SPANKING NEW Insulin Pump on the 17th December. It'll be my Chrissy pressie to myself and hopefully with the new functions that it has (once I learn to 'drive' the thing) I will be at 100% and watch out world!! the cards......

On my first Chrissy card post here, I had this layout complements of Nikki Stalker here. I decided that it was so easy to do, I changed it up a little and went monochrome...or technically there are 2 colours used, but I LOVE how it changes the look of the card!!

The next card is a direct CASE from the mega talented Christie Wallace here. It uses Pear Pizzaz and poppy Parade...a very festive colour combination indeed. I so not have the set that she used for her sentiment, so I improvised.


This last card is form the very talented Wendy Todd here. I made them in both Cherry Cobbler and Real Red. I however thought the background was a bit bare, so I used the Weathered BGS in both old Olive and Versamark (once again to satisfy my paranoia of making 2 cards exactly the same...LOL!!)


There are more Christmas cards to come. I hope you can hang in there with me as the fun continues.

Stuff Used
CS: (SU) Very Vanilla, Whisper White, Real Red, Cherry Cobbler, Old Olive, Pear Pizzaz, Poppy Parade, Dashing DSP (ret)
Ink: (SU) Real Red, Cherry Cobbler, Old Olive, Versamark, Pear Pizzaz, Poppy Parade.
Stamps: (SU) Delightful Decorations, Contempo Christmas, Weathered BGS, "Seasons Greetings" stamp fm Riot Art and Craft.
Punches: (SU) Ornament Punch, Carla Craft CP2 3/4" circle.
Other bits: Dimensionals, Cuttlebug Swiss Dots Folder

Lynda xx

Thursday, December 9, 2010

To let you know....

A couple of weeks back, my bestie had the anniversary of her beautiful mother's passing. Having lost my own mother some 17 years ago (age 46) we share the bond of losing these beautiful people to breast cancer. To let her know that she was being thought of and that the memories of those close to us should be held close to our hearts, I sort inspiration from this card here on SCS. This is what I came up with....

I did not wish for this card to be morbid or sad, so I used "cherish" from the Warm Words Set.

To get the background, I sponged the ink onto the stamp which gives a beautiful, soft effect, a perfect reflection of my beatie's Mums nature and manner.

To finish it off I did something I have not yet done on any card I have made, which is stamped on the inside of it. I thought it was appropriate.

Best thing of all is that when she received it, it made her smile. For me, that is the biggest reward of all.

Stuff used:
CS: (SU) Very Vanilla, Riding Hood Red
Ink: (SU) Riding Hood Red, Handsome Hunter
Stamps: (SU) A Rose Is A Rose, En Francais BGS, Warm Words, Life Definitions
Other Bits: SU Dimensionals

Lynda xx