Thursday, December 30, 2010

Feelin' the LURVE!!

Afternoon all!! I hope that all the party prepeparations are in check for tomorrow am a nanna....and will prob JUST make it to midnight....and then collapse fm a very long day at work!!!

Saturday is a very special this blog is turning 1!!! (inset blasting sounds of vuvuzellas and the cheers of the gathering throng!!)

2 very special people who "encouraged" (prompted/cajoled/coersed/etc/etc) me into getting this beast up and running were Andrea....EnchantINK and Kerry.....KB Papercraft. to my surprise and astonishment, both of them have bestowed upon my this.......

Now apart from these 2 ladies being wonderful friends...they are both incredibly generous in heart, soul and creative spirit. now as with most awards, this comes with conditions and the like....these are....

# thank and link the person(s) who gave it to me (done)
# share 8 things about myself (brace yourself folks)
# pass it on to 8 others (see bottom of this post)
# let them know about the award (check)

8 things about me...that you may not already know....

1. I am (and always have been) a GEEK. I am into Science in a big way. is Master of Cool (aka Master 10)
2. BC (before children) I played Indoor Cricket on a team with my Hubby. We batted together and rarely got out (apparently all the threats worked...LOL!!)
3. I suck BIG time at Geography....if you wanna stump my at Trivial Pursuit....gimme the blue Q!
4. I have been on TV 3 times of note in my life.....once on Romper Room (with Miss Patricia as a 4yo), as a Contestant on Temptation (the old Sale of the Century) and most recently as a contestant on National Bingo Night (which sadly (thankfully) did not have a long run...but I did win a nice sum of cash!!)
5. As a child....I had heart surgery at the age of 7.....for a Congenital problem, and as a result of that developed Asthma.
6. I LOVE trivia...I have a major vault of useless crap stashed away to call upon at any given time.....and (sometimes knowingly) freak people out!!
7. "ditto 6" for song lyrics. MAJOR peeve of my DH that I can sing along to most anything!!!
8. Speaking of DH....I am apparently a walking be used at his beck and call to spell words for him that he cannot be bothered to look up for hmself or sound we encourage our KIDS TO DO!!!!

Now Andrea also "tagged me"....and this involves making a list....of which I think will also give you a slightly BIGGER insight into my twistered world!! I have based this list on the one from Andrea's blog.

4 things that I watch
Bones, Castle, Home and Away, How I Met your Mother (love the humour in this show!!)

4 thing I am passionate about
Laughter, Creativity, Education, Friendships

4 things I have learnt from the past
# If you think something is not right....SPEAK UP
# Having chats to a loved one who has passed is not's actually therapy.
# Acknowledge the way you are brought up, but it is not the only way to be.
# Lessons learnt from past experience teach you future resolve!!

4 things I am looking forward to
# My dad's 70th b'day next week.
# Finding/creating a creative space for me in my home....I currently work in a space of 2 seats on my diding table and pack away every night!!
# Seeing what the Sensor chip (that I am wearing in lat Jan) tells me about my diabetes
# The eternal desire to sleep in!!

4 things I did yesterday
# Watched the Cricket
# Had (another) hypo
# Did 2 loads of washing
# Made 4 cards (2 of each essentially only 2...hee hee hee)

4 things I love abt Winter/Summer
I am not a cold person, but don't do well in extreme heat either!!
I have only been skiing once...and I hated it!!! (but then again...I don't do the beach either)
I love the smell of grass after a storm in Summer
LURVE daylight saving

4 places I would love to visit
Greece (again) esp Santorini and spend longer in Delphi this time!!
Singapore...which is on the list for mid next year as i will be visiting my bestie there!!
Andrea's (on the to do list for this year!!)

Now I do believe that is nearly it....only gotta pass on the Stylish award to 8 people.....
Debbie P
Helen W

Thanks for enduring this post...and will be back soon with one 1st birthday FUN!!

Lynda xx


Tracey DC said...

Thanks mate,

Something for me to do when I get settled in Singapore.


Helen Williams said...

Thanks Lynda you are a sweetie.
Have a great 2011.

Katie said...

Thanks Lynda, will be updating my blog in a couple of days and letting everyone know that it will be a bit quiet over at my neck of the woods for a couple of months so might leave them with that and then they can do a little blog hop to the other blogs.
7 sleeps to go until the BIG move!!!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

What a list! And ... what a giggle! I so enjoyed reading ... all about you! I feel like I want to print this one out ... and refresh my memory every few days! Thanks for sharing so bravely ... and I do hope that "hypo" stuff has settled down again! It will be interesting to see what that new super dooper bit of machinery is going to tell you! I noticed "me" on your list of places to visit! Must make a date soon! Hugs xxaxx
PS My blogging is a little late ... because my STUPID INTERNET is driving me insane again! I just had another big whinge to Gav. It takes 3 attempts to open a page ... then another 2 to open a comment box! I get so frustrated that I give up! and ... then I get further behind in my blog surfing ... and further behind in leaving comments on my fav blogs! So ... big apologies! I don't know when it is going to improve ... but hopefully Gav got the message ... and can try something else!??? Big hugs hunny! xxaxx