Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Frankie....the new man in my life!!!!

One of the things I love to do is share the fun a joy of papercraft with anyone who'll listen. I am lucky enough to share from time to time projects with the After Care Kids at my children's school. One vacation care I did some Halloween projects with about 50 children, but this time around...it was only 30....but still they love the Halloween stuff. The children range from K-6...so I have to have a project that will keep all ages interested. I recalled blurfing sometime back these FAB Halloween boxes that were done by Nicole Derendorf here and here.

Here is what I created, based on Nicole's boxes that she made.....meet Frankie!!

Due to the varying ages of the kids, I premade the box part of it, but the cut out the shape of the face, hair (they all cut their own fringe design), put the eyes together (and they LOVED the bloodshot eye look) and of course the gruesome scars...LOL!!! Here are some pics of the kids being industrious and their finished products!!



 And finally I had to make a v v special mention of this wee chap....he is 6 and I was so very pleased (as was he) with what he had made!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in this fun and mayhem!!

Stuff used:
CS: On my one (SU Old Olive, WW and Black). The School kids used Leapfrog and Leaf Green Bazzil CS, Optix Black, White and Pink CS and Paper
Ink: My Frankie - SO old Olive
Other bits: Glue, Double sided tape, Gold Stubbie brads, (all supplies for the kid's Frankie Boxes fm Alice's) Red and black Textas

Lynda xx


Cheryl said...

WOW this is BRILLIANT,its amazing what can be made from dies and punches!!! Looks like the kids had fun and their boxes look fabulous!!!

Patrice said...

Wow good for you! It's not easy to keep that many kids and the different ages occupied and happy for long - the frankie boxes and bags look fabulous!

Debbie Pamment said...

WOW Lynda - what an AMAZING job - 30 happy kids and one tired Lynda I'm sure - tired but oh so happy to have sent all these kids home with such a fabulous treat box! Awesome job my friend - you deserve a nice glass of wine after that effort!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

You have such a kind soul, Lynda! What a wonderful experience for all those lucky kids! FAB project ... perfect for all ages ... and you've gotta love that look of satisfaction on master 6's face! Hugs xxaxx

Sue said...

Heya DAG!

Love the Frankie Box. Great job! You've got me inspired.

And was that PINK I saw in an earlier post. My! You must have suffered.

So glad to hear from you. Was just wondering the other day whether TC got her Cricut (I see she has). Sing out if any questions.


Kez said...

Spookalicious Frankies darl! What a fun day you gave those little ones and I'm sure you got your reward from their happy faces. Fantastic! :)