Saturday, April 24, 2010

3D flower Fun!!!

I am now entering into a time in my life where there are a lot of "ZERO" birthdays about....mainly 40!!! Some time back, I learned how to make a 3D flower card at Alice's. Here is the original one I made some years back.

I have played around with it over the years and mainly done it for those close to me with zero birthdays. A couple of weekends back, I made it again, this time for a Mum at my kid's school, who turned 40.....and I made it in (Andrea you should be seated....PINK!!!) Now given that there is a highly reflective surface on the card......a is hard to get a good picture, but here is the result.

The flowers are made with Carla Craft punches and put together with silicone glue, which gives them their 3D feel. I also got to bust out my new Martha Stewart "Double Loop" punch.

Here is a close up of the flowers.....

All the leaves and flowers are hand scored. It is time consuming, but the end result is definitely worth it. I hope you like this card. I have done it in pastel purple, blue and yellow also.

Catch you all next time.

Stuff Used:
CS: Pink Bazzil, Metallic Silver
Paper: Stardream Pearlescent White, Pink and Light Green
Punches: (All Carla Craft) CP-11G Sakura, CP2 Sakura, Leaf, CP1 Sun, CP21 Rectangle, Leonie-M Mini Sun, Martha Stweart "Around the Page" Double Loop Punch.
Extras: Old CD, 3D mounting foam, Silicone glue, Upkit Silver number, Cornices and Presents Stickers

Lynda xx


Debbie Pamment said...

WOW Lynda - these flowers are GORGEOUS!!!! I want a tute - she says stamping her feet like a spoilt brat - LOL. Seriously they are divine - and they look AMAZING on the CDs! AWESOME - even in pink!LOL

Nanette said...

I second Debbie's request for a tutorial please!! They are beautiful and the card is stunning! Well done!

Kez said...

ME TOO! ME TOO! A tutorial - video if poss (for us instructionally challenged folks who are very visual learners!) WOWSER these are beyond GORJUS! They win over an old drawer handle any old day! LOL! :)

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

I am also (like Debbie)stamping my feet like a spoilt brat. Fancy showing us something so stunning ... and then you don't tell us how to do it!!! (rolling eyes!)
Yes ... after stamping my feet ... I had to sit down ... and take in the fact you used pink (brave girl) ...
BUT ... Now I am on my feet again ... giving you a standing ovation!!! Yes! You deserve it for this creation!!! And ... I am soooo jealous of that PUNCH! Phew! Can you top this one??? (winking) Hugs, Andrea xxx

Tanya Kitto said...

Lynda, LOVE YOUR CARD. Especially being in pink & all :P
You are so super clever missy, love the cd, the flowers & the punching .... well done precious
Tan xox

Sonia G said...

This is just too cute! I can imagine the recipient was gobsmacked when she received this. It's oh so elegant! My question is - how did you not get any fingerprints on the CD? LOL

Bec said...

what a Fabulous idea.. I love it !!! Bec xx

Cheryl said...

Absolutely magnificent!!!! So much gorgeous detail,you are so patient and yes they would difinately be worth it!!!

Tui Nathan said...

Lynda .... just STUNNING ... definitely a super "Wow" project .... oh how gorgeous is that pretty pink .... lol ...well done!!!