Saturday, February 20, 2010

One from the Vault.....

For those of you who aren't aware, before I found stamps as a creative outlet, I was a Punch Art fiend!! I found great fascination and inspiration (mainly thru Punch Art books) punching out different shapes of paper, trimming here and there, and making something totally different. I actually first came into contact with SU through their punches.....and from there...well you pretty much know the story...LOL!!

I made this card nearly 3 years agao at my first Craft Camp. I was the only "Puncher" there and I was a wee daunted, as I saw stampers churn out card after card with seeming lightning speed whilst I patiently punched and stuck. I must have created SOME curiosity though....cause those same stampers kept coming by my table to see how the card was progressing. I think after all the punch cards I have done over the years, this is still the BEST one I have ever produced. There are over 50 separate punched and cut pieces in this pattern, but I hope you agree that is was worth the blood sweat and tears.

Behold....Ballet Bear!!!

I am NOT gunna list all the punches used as there are WAY too many it's not funny!!

I plan to share some of my other "Vault" creations with you over the coming months.

Have fun...and punch...some paper's a lot of fun!!!!

Bits you need to know:
Ballet Bear Pattern adapted from "Let's Punch Again" by Elizabeth Woolnough

Lynda xx


Debbie Pamment said...

WONDERFUL to see where this all started for you - this is a fabulous bearalina - I love punch art but have never had the patience for it - mond you I'm not a churner out of cards either - LOL. A happy plodder - that's me!

Kez said...

Very cute! And I agree, making pictures from punches is lots of fun! I must make the effort to do more of it! TFS hon xx

Cheryl said...

WOW Lynda this is just the cutest bear!!! I can just imagine how many punches,as there is so much detail,but yes worth it as it is fantastic!! I love punch art cards,have done a few but need to make some time to do more....they are so much fun!! Thanks for always leaving me such wonderful comments!!