Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nicest Surprise

Yes...I am still here...although very infrequently and for that I am so sorry. There has been so much going on under our roof......mania has taken over with its close cousin chaos!!

Most of you I am sure are aware of the delightful Andrea Lowcock. Over a week ago (and I know I am so v v slow to do this) she passed on this to me....

I had to had to have a giggle at this...cause style is one thing I am rarely accused of!!!

Now as usual...there are things you have to do....and one is share 5 things about here goes....

1. I am a passionate St George (Dragons) supporter
2. I so love Dirty Dancing (the movie) and watching it is my guiltiest pleasures
3. I am a "gunna" hoarder. I have lots of projects and techniques that I am gunna do...but never seem to get around to!!!
4. I am really loving "vintage" themed/looking crafts at the moment.
5. It IS really embarrassing getting sprung by your kids rocking out to 80's songs in the kitchen!!!

Now I also have to pass this onto 5 folks whom I believe have style.....

5. Patrice (I have just realised I cannot recall your surname...oops!!)

All of these uber talented ladies have amazing blogs and are wonderful talents. Please check them out if you feel so inclined.

Off to more madness......stay sane.

Lynda xx


Katie said...

Aww thanks gorgeous!!!
I will also be taking a little while to pop up on my blog BUT I will :-)... Just found out that tenants want to move into house we are renting late Sept which means 5 weekends to move, sounds like lots BUT the first 3 weekends we have visitors AND the last weekend I am in Perth so need to get cracking ASAP on it (hopefully I will get time over weekend to play with blog)...

Love to you and all your style xxxooo

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

So glad you enjoyed your award ... at least it made you blog again!!! (grin) Go the Dragons!!! Hugs xxaxx

Kerry (Kez) said...

Thanks so much darl for the award, will post it asap. Congrats on the proud mum moments!

Patrice said...

You are so sweet Lynda. Thank you so much for this gorgeous Award. It's lovely and I'll make time to blog it soon (depends on what I can dream up in the way of 5 reasonably interesting tid bits about myself lol).