Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gratuitous Parental Post!!!!

No craft things this post....just gross parental pride!!!

A few weeks back Master 10 (nearly 11) had his sports carnival. It was freezing cold and very VERY overcast. I arrived in time to see him run 1 event, but I had heard rumblings that he had done well in other events too. The thought of him even making 800m was a little overwhelming....but he lined up for it with all the other boys. Long story short....he came in 2nd...and I will admit to perhaps having a little moisture around my eyes.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and he comes home very excited with the news that he has made it to the Zone Carnival at Homebush for the 100m and 800m. He then presents me with these.....

No less than 5 ribbons......2nd for the high jump and 800m and 3rds for the 100m, 200m and relay race. I was so very proud of him. He has since had the Zone Carnival this week and was up against kids that train and do Little Athletics (which he does not). I was so proud of his efforts and said to him that I would share this with you all.

Thanks for allowing me this wee parental boast.

Take care and create freely.

Lynda xx


Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Woo hoo! Congrats to young Mast Shrimpton!!! What a haul!!! And ... I am the last one who could criticise anyone sharing a proud mum moment. I think you would know that more than anyone!!! You deserve to be proud ... and to share it ...doubles the joy! Hugs xxaxx

Patrice said...

Wow this is so fabulous! Look at those gorgeous ribbons lined up. I bet Master 10 (almost 11) is just as proud as his lovely mum! Good job kiddo!

Kim Tonnet said...

Woo hoo to your no. 1 son. Have a look at my runners card on my blog - I'm sure you as the punch art Master can improve! I'm all eyes. Again, well done to your boy. Luv K

MadonnaDunn said...

Well done on all those ribbons Mr 10(soon to be 11)!!! I would be super super proud of him too Lynda! Boasting over children's efforts is always allowed and absolutely expected! lol

Jenny Hayward said...

Definitely a Proud Mum moment Lynda. Well Done to you - Oh! and the esteemed athlete!!!! ;)

Great work.

Jenny xxx

Katie said...

Oh I can't wait to be proud of something my Master Ridden does. Every parent has the right to brag about their kids achievements!!!

Well done Master 10, keep up the excellent sporting achievements... you remind me of me at your age xxoo