Saturday, March 19, 2011

An Award

I will open this post with an apology to the lovely person who gave me this award as it was bestowed upon me nearly a week ago.

The Divine and SUPER creative Helen Williams was kind enough to pass on this......

Loosely, it translates, from German, into "Dearest Blog".  The premise behind this award is to draw attention to new blogs, or blogs with fewer than 3,000 followers.

To fulfil and do justice to this award I must...

1- Create a post where I blog about the Liebster award & reveal my 3-5 blog picks (check)

2- Let the honorees know that I selected them (check)

3- Copy & paste the blog award on my blog (check)

Now I would pass this forward to some very talented ladies, whose blogs are an inspiration.

I would like to pass on this award to the following ladies...

Madeline Morcelo (Inkspirations4U founder and amazing creative soul)

Katie Ridden (whom I met thru We Stamp for Lara....and is as equally as mad as I!!)

Patrice (whom I came across whilst randomly blurfing one day...and love cruising by her blog)

Sheri (is in Canada and is an amazing gal with punches!!)

Christine (the sister of a blog fave of mine...Andrea (EnchantINK) who I love to visit and see her version of things and life!!)

Thanks so much Helen for spreading the LURVE. Have a wonderful evening all...and rest assured....normal postings will resume soon!!

Lynda xx


Patrice said...

You're too sweet, thank you. Now you best head over to my blog because a scheduled post went live overnight and there's a little surprise awaiting you!

paper bag create said...

Ahhh Lynda, Thank you so much! Your bestest Canadian bud!!!! {{hugs}}

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynda, thanks for being such a supporter of my little blog! I love your take on life too! Christine :)

Katie said...

THANKS Lynda.... hummm as crazy as surely not LOL.
Well I have only just starting blogging again, today, so give me a bit and I will surely post it up, just have a billion other things to share first. xxoo