Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another First!!

The delightful Cheryl received the Happy 101 Award....and then kindly forwarded it onto me!! This is the first 'award' I have received as a blogger...so thanks very much Cheryl!!

I have to list 10 things that I like....here goes...
1. Laughter...without it the world would be a very different place.
2. Creativity...either within myself or admiring it in others...it is amazing!!
3. My kids...constant source of joy and pain, but life would be dull without them.
4. Hubby (just in case he reads this!!)...see same reason as above!!
5. Nursing...one thing I am passionate about, brings new challenge everyday.
6. Coffee....preferably HOT....unfortunately over the years have learnt to drink it at other temps too (ik!!)
7. Dance..doing it or watching it..it's another passion!!
8. Papercraft...stopped my other crafty ambitions...but it's all part of the journey ain't it??
9. Friends...vital part of life. They inspire me to undertake and do other things I have listed.
10. Colour...since crafting...I have looked at things is a new light...and it's been fun.....with the exception of one colour...that I will tolerate only....lol!!!

I also have to pass this onto 3 other bloggers.....and as Cheryl and I follow a lot of the same people around e-land.....I'm gunna try and spread the LURVE. So I bestowith the Happy 101 Award upon....

So ladies...it's all yours...ENJOY!!

I'll be back very soon with another fun creation. Create, live, laugh and enjoy til then.

Lynda xx


Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Oooooh ... haven't had a blog award in such a long time ... so it was a thrill to find my name on the list! And ... this is such a happy award! The best kind! Thanks so much for passing it on, Lynda! Will make sure I think hard about those 10 things I like! Hugs, Andrea xxx

Tanya Kitto said...

How sweet, THANKS so much for the blog award hun. Will try to get it up on my blog tomorrow
Tan xox
Don't know if I can keep the list down to 10....but I'll do my best :D