Sunday, February 13, 2011

Something different...

Hey there all.

I thought I'd share something a little different today. Given that I am STILL on light duties (and going greyer by the minute), I am gunna share a little more of me and my family. I hope you don't mind.

During the Christmas just gone, we all got a wonderful surprise. My Aunt had "inherited" my Grandmother's (Dad's Mum) photo albums. Talk about a time trip!!! Wondering what to do with all the history....she decided to go through all of them and sort them out as to who was in them etc. All of our envelopes were chocked full of bad 70's and 80's fashions and hair-do's as well as things we had not seen much of before. For me, it was pictures of my Mum and Dad's wedding.

So here's a little giggle for you all!! These are a little chronologically over the place.

Seeing this one did bring tears to my eyes. I had only ever seen pictures of Mum and Dad's wedding (for want of a better expression) from the waist up. This is 1968 and my mother in her wedding gown at the stairs of her parents place.

Every year (for MANY years) the whole family...well Dad's side...went on these MAMMOTH holidays. We went to Tumut, Gundegai...all over the shop. Usually to places that had something of "interest"...for the grown ups at least. This is circa 1974....and I am in the purple!!! My little brother -Graeme- is in the red outfit and we are surrounded by our cousins.

We also went to Lane Cove River Park quite a bit growing up. We had picnics, hired the row boats and they actually had a Paddlesteamer that use to travel up and down the river. It is now a restaurant at one end of the park!!! Graeme and I are a little older in this shot, but is is a landmark pic for me, because there is 22 mths age difference between us....and he is nearly as tall as me!!! Looking at his hair's hard to believe he has hair like it is NOW!!!!

In 1975 my baby sister -Susan- came alone and Mum was ALWAYS taking us down to have out picture taken with Santa. In 1978...this was the 3 of us......

Fast forward some 33 years later and we look like THIS!!!!

(Remember what I said about my brother's blonde locks???) This was taken in January this year at my Dad's 70th birthday. Since my brother lives in Norwestern country NSW now....we don't get to see eachother much, so any photo opportunity is taken.

Finally, also at my Dad's 70th, Someone took this pic of my daughter Braelea and her cousin Jessica...who is 1 in time flies!!! The look on her face says it all!!

Thanks for sharing this glimpse into my life. I hope reliving the fashion and hair-do's was not too traumatic. I sincerely hope I will be back with some cards REAL soon!!

Lynda xx


Helen Williams said...

Lynda these photos are a real treasure. Thanks for sharing them with us.

paper bag create said...

Enjoyed the piccies and love seeing the changes!! Miss you, and think of you often.

Dee said...

Fantastic Lynda - what a lucky girl you are to get these photos. I can just imagine the laughter and the eewws when you were looking through them.

Patrice said...

Sooooooooo cool. What a fabulous idea to share some of these old pics on your blog - they look just like my old family pics :o)


Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

HI there ... talk about 'retro'!!! I remember these fashions oh so well! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you had a wonderful time growing up! Hugs xxaxx

Cheryl said...

WOW what a trip down memory lane,your photos are wonderful.....they do remind me of our family photos from the 70's and 80'

Jenny Hayward said...

These are special photos Lynda. How lovely! Thanks for sharing them with us and giving us a glimpse into your life.

Jenny xx